Air hockey

Air Hockey Indoor. Used for spend hours in joy. Air hockey requires an air-hockey table, two player-held pusher ( or mallet) and a puck. Rugged and durable design meets both functional and esthetic need. A game that develops skills of concentration, alertness in reflexes, and coordination of movement. We sell Air hockey online and you can find all pusher, puck and spare parts on

How to play:

  • The pusher (or air hockey mallet) is gripped behind the knob using one's fingertips. This improve player's wrist mobility and let pusher be moved around the hockey table faster.
  • For defend you should center your pusher at about 20 cm from your goal. In this position slight movements to the left and right will block all straight shots. Instead to block bank shots you should pulls back quickly to the corners of the goal. This is also known as the "triangle defense".
  • Shots are often hit out of "drifts", where the puck travels in set patterns designed to throw off the opponent's expectations and timing. The most popular drifts are the "center", "diamond", "diagonal", and "L".
  • Shots are often organized into meaning groups of shots which are hit with the same apparent delivery but opposite directions, caused by hitting the puck at slightly different locations on the mallet.

History of air hockey:

Air hockey wa invented by a group of Brunswick Billiards employees. in 1969 a trio of Brunswick engineers began to work on creating a game using frictionless surface. The prject stagnated for several years until it was revived by Bob Lemieux, who focused on implementing an abstracted version of ice hockey with a thin disk, two mallets ( also called pusher) and slit goals equipped with photodetectors. It was decided that the games might appeal to a larger market and air hockey tables was sold to global market.

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