The Mezz Ace Series features the hight performance "Hybrid Alpha Shaft" thet generates more power and spin for optimum control. Accompanied with the "Wavy Pin", the most advanced wood to wood joint System, the ACE series gived you ultimate cue responsiveness and confidence on every shot. Win with an ACE in your hands.

In november will be released the new ace cue: the 181 ace with shaft WX alpha.

They should release the ace 182 and the ace 183

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MEZZ ACE - 180

Mezz cue from Mezz Ace series.


717.99€ Ex Tax: 588.52€

MEZZ ACE - 181

Mezz cue made in japan


836.99€ Ex Tax: 686.06€

MEZZ ACE - 182

Mezz pool cue crafted with ebony wood


1,012.00€ Ex Tax: 829.51€

MEZZ ACE - 183

New Mezz made with ebony wood and juma insert.


1,030.00€ Ex Tax: 844.26€

MEZZ ACE - 184

Mezz Ace with Wx Alpha shaft.


1,159.00€ Ex Tax: 950.00€

MEZZ ACE - 185

Mezz Ace with Wx Alpha shaft.


1,296.99€ Ex Tax: 1,063.11€

MEZZ ACE - 186

New Mezz with Wx Alpha shaft.


1,306.00€ Ex Tax: 1,070.49€

MEZZ ACE - 187

Mezz Ace with Wx Alpha shaft.


1,500.00€ Ex Tax: 1,229.51€