LM Italia

LM Italia
The L.M. ITALY Team was born in the mid-seventies as a pioneer in the field of aluminum transformation.
The diversification of production policy, leading the company towards the unexplored world of billiards: thus the first slats of aluminum pool.
It will then be the passion for this fertile field to orient definitively our attention to the creation of splints for the game of billiards. From aluminum, for the first, it is passed to the adoption of new materials such as carbon, glass fibers, Kevlar and the like: thus the legendary "Jolly", the first cue to have the innovative system and variable weight balance.
world-class players are close to our reality by helping to increase fame and quality of our products; thanks to them the L.M. Italy opened the first school of billiards recognized by federal bodies.

Nowadays they produce cues like Cue LM TOP 7.1
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Cue for 5 skittles with balancer.

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