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Cuetec Pool cue Cobra model.


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Cuetec has totally reinvented the pool cue, eliminating common problems such as warping and dents, but more importantly was able to lower the cost of pool cues at a very reasonable price.
Hundreds of major titles, including no less than 9 World Championships have been won with the legendary hit Cuetec
The Cuetec cues are available in a wide variety of beautiful colors, finishes and unique designs. Also functions as a control system in short: a style to suit all tastes.

Available colour:

  1. black,
  2. red
  3. blue
  4. white

The rules to be observed for an optimal setting of the cue in his hand:

  •      Find a comfortable, relaxed position.
  •      If you use only one eye to aim the ball make sure that the eye is in line with the cue
  •      The right foot too aligned with the axis of the stick;
  •      The left hand resting on the cloth well to allow a secure hold for the cue;
  •      The forearm must fall and moves freely back and forth.

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