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Timer 3 balls for 5 quilles



The ideal solution for the management of all billiards games operating at an hourly rate

  • For all specialities (from 3 to 22 balls + Ping-Pong).
  • Battery powered only (lasting 8-12 years).
  • For all countries (programmable monetary unit).
  • 100% ball control (on a removable tray).


  • This billiard timer does not require an electrical power supply, thus eliminating the problems of an overload on the line or a sudden blackout. As a result, it may be set up practically anywhere one chooses. An internal lithium battery keeps the appliance on all the time for at least 8 years (average 10 years). The battery can be found in electronics shops.
  • Suitable for all countries because the value of each unit can be programmed (monetary unit); it can be: 0.05 0.10 0.20 0.50 1 2 5 10 20 50 100.
  • Two hourly rates which may be programmed from 10 to 500 clicks per hour. The second tariff may be employed for peak hours or for CLUB members. The choice of the rate is then made by pressing the TARIFF button.
  • A start-play (or game-opening) charge which may be programmed from 0 to 15 units in the event that one wishes to have a set start-play charge in addition to the hourly rate.
  • A register totalling 99,999 units.
  • In order to prevent unwanted tampering, programming, zeroing of the totalizer and accessing the internal parts of the appliance, these operations can be carried out only using the INSTALLATION key.
  • When the START PLAY key is turned, the front door opens and the count begins, as shown on the display terminal.
  • The balls are stored in an easily removable practical plastic tray which can be carried to the billiard table. The time count stops only when the tray is inserted with ALL the balls and the door is closed.
  • Sturdy metal container. The ball control mechanism is mechanical and of simple construction (patented). Just one micro-switch is used.
  • The simplicity and compactness of the electronics (10.5 x 6 cm: it fits in the palm of your hand), its isolation from the mains and its “zero” consumption make it very reliable throughout time (an annual breakage percentage lower than 3/1000).

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