Foosball poles

One of the first features, and perhaps the most important is the presence of poles that must definitely be of excellent material in order to ensure the more ‘long life to football.You can find on the market through auctions is both telescopic or passing poles.Telescopic poles are constituted by two bars (one flowing inside the other).These allow you to play without the rods we are using come out of the other side of the table.This is necessary to protect children who may be inadvertently affected, or to protect the family jewels.Passing poles feature a unique chrome plated steel that ensure a long life for the polesThe rods are made for indoor soccer in chromed steel and for outdoor soccer table are made with a double chrome plating ensures greater durability of the rods when exposed to the elements.Billiardshopgroup sell online all spare parts for italian soccer table: Fas,Roberto Sport,Garlando;other brands.