Ping Pong

The table tennis, best known by its popular name ping pong, is one of the most widespread sport in the world and an Olympic sport. It can be played for recreational purposes, at any age.For these reasons Biliardoshop has specialized in selling professional ping pong constructed of materials resistant and very light so you can have at home a product that can be moved easily. They are all made in laminate resin, resistant to every atmospheric change, with perimeter frame and steel frame and point to a perfect harmony between design, functionality and security.For reasons of space, especially in the home, the folding table is the one that most closely matches the needs of many consumers being easily storable in a small space when not in use, also has a simple and safe opening and closing device which allows use it without any physical effort and in complete safety with four special hooks that stabilize the table both in open and closed position.Our tables can distringuere essentially ping-pong table for indoor and outdoor tennis. Biliardoshop has selected the best ping-pong specializing in the sale of accessories for all fans of this sport.