CLOTH GORINA [ GRANITO ” A ” 165 ] 165 yellow/green

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Producer: Gorina
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Gorina cloth for 5 quilles in color yellow green.

(Gorina Recreational plus).


165 x


Gorina is one of the leading producers of billiard cloth, both in Italy and worldwide, his cloth is in fact used in major tournaments around the world.
The billiard cloth (kept in good condition or new, important occasions) is used to not modify the effects of the shots, such as smears. It suffers much of the state of the cloth, the reference trajectories vary billiard billiards, as a function of different rotation purchased on impact with the long side. This effect purchased, occurs on the short side by enlarging the trajectory of the ball.

This billiard felt is famous for speed!!

This version of cloth of Gorina is called “Recreational plus“.

  •     Worsted wool: 90%
  •     Nylon: 10%

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