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Producer: Longoni
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Cue trasportation made with hard material.



Hard case Longoni, well-designed and stylish may contain up to 2 butt and 4 shaft, equipped with thermal protection, prepared to contain 2 extensions in addition to the 2 kicks and 4 probes, equipped with a special container in order to submit the various accessories.
All this meticulous attention to detail and strictly made in Italy.


  • Highly resistant ABS resin
  • – Thermal protection
  • – Easy Transporting
  • – System of a combination lock
  • Elegant finish
  • Italian Design and Quality
  • – Suitable for air transportation

Case for cue:

  • Contains 2 Butt – 4 Shaft
  • ABS structure upholstered in genuine Italian leather.
  • Treated in detail, the system is equipped with a safety lock.
  • It can accommodate the extension 3Lobite.

In our ecommerce, you can find hard cases, briefcases moride, tubes and sheaths for billiard cues to suit every application and for every type of age

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Weight 3 kg


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