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Dart Karella st-4 3 pcs



Dart Karella st-4

How to choose the materials of darts?

The best material on the market today for the darts is tungsten. Tungsten is a very dense material, so as to allow darts to be able to have a certain weight even with very subtle forms.
Before the application of tungsten darts were mainly made ​​of brass which are still being used by many players as the brass darts are much less expensive than tungsten.
Due to the technical difficulties of producing the darts can not be made ​​100% tungsten darts for sale and all are made from mixed alloys nicket-tungsten.
When purchasing the darts the amount of tungsten in the alloy is given by a number in percentage that determines therefore the quality and consequently the cost: the higher the percentage, the greater the cost.

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