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Cue for italian game


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  • shaft diameter: 14,00 mm
  • weight: 650 gr
  • cue lenght: 1400mm

The pool cue is a personal tool of the player who prefers to use a tool consistent with its playing characteristics. Quality of the materials used, and precision of the embodiment may particularly expensive. Each discipline of the game of billiards requires very specific technical details that make a clear distinction between the slats of each other.

Pool: played on billiard balls with numbered holes.

It is played with the white cue ball and fifteen object balls, numbered 1 to 7 are called “full” and 9 to 15 are called “striped. The black 8-ball. A player has to pocket the balls full, while the opponent must post those stripes. The player who first succeeds in pocketing his balls and then to pocket the 8-by shootings regulation wins.

  Billiardshopgroup present in this section a wide range of cues dedicated to the category of the pool, all unsold online, dismantled in 2 pieces, made with different materials, and especially slats of the top brands, such as: Fury, Scorpion, Cuetec, Bison, Omega.

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