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Producer: Original
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Glue for fix the shaft, the ferrule and the cue tip.



The perfect glue for your cue tip, for all shaft. One of the best replace part accessories on our website.
Extra resistant to all, can merge the cue tip on the teflon.
This Glue doesn’t dry the cue tip or frozen it.
Very simple to use and really fast to stick.

Produced by Original.
How to use:

  • All surface to be bonded must be clean, dry, oil and grease free.
  • Apply thin film to one surface only and bring toghether immediately.
  • Clamp or hold for a few seconds.

Weight of glue: 5gr

Warning: don’t drop the glue on your eye or mouth. Call a doctor if this will happen.

For a perfect storarge:

  1. Clean the nozzle of the bottle from any leavings, before you close with cap;
  2. Keep in the fridge for long lasting.

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