SHAFT MIKI IGNITE [IG3C- 11.9] Wavy2 joint

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Producer: Miki Co. Ltd
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Shaft Mezz produced in Japan.


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This is a new cue shaft with the new Carbon tecnology.

Limited edition that ensure a great playing performance.

Produced with the best material by Miki Co. Ltd.


  • Joint Wavy II
  • For carom cue butt
  • Tip : Zan Plus2 Hard
  • Tip diameter : 11.9mm
  • Tip end : IG Powerplate
  • Plate : IG Tip Plate
  • Taper : Ignite Pro Conical
  • Shaft length : 690mm


 To clean the carbon tip we recommend the black magic liquid

Ignite Shaft Maintenance instruction
Under no circumstance should the ignite shaft be sandpaper or modified as it will damage the shaft outer finish and harm the quality of the ignite shaft. Additionally, this may create micro cracks that might release potentially harmfull ingredients dangerous to one’s health.
Any treatment with chemicals of ignite shaft, including cleaning and conditioning liquids, will deteriorate the performance and invalidate the Limited-lifetime warranty of the Ignite shaft. Do not ever use any  smoothing or liquids on your ignite shaft. For maintenance of the surface o Ignite shaft, we recomend to use wipes or cloth with isopropyl alcohol.
Front End:
The Fornt end of the carbon fiber composite Ignite shaft is costructed with the ig plate ferrule and high-performance tip. It’s prohibited to sand the shaft and all maintenance work, including tip replacement, must be completed by an authorized Miki repair center or profession repairman using a special set of tools.
Having maintenance work complited with non-authorized professional or workshop may harm the ignite shaft and nullify the limited lifetime warnity. In the event of choosing to replace the tip on your shaft throught a non-autorized repair center or repairman, specific information concerning the maintenance work is as follow:
Minimum shaft diameter: 0.05mm down the original size;
Minimum IG tip Ferrule thickness: 0.5mm
Minimum IG4 Plate ferrule thickness: 1.7mm
Any reduction in the above measurements will annul the shaft’s limited-lifetime warnity and deteriorate it’s performance.
IGNITE your game with the new IGNITE 3C shaft designed to
deliver superior power and spin for carom games.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the carbon fiber,
a unique conical taper was developed to maximize power output.
Combined with the IGNITE front end technology the cue ball
deflection is greatly decreased resulting in improved shot
accuracy with English.
Keep yourself ahead of the game by consistently delivering
a smooth and stable shot with the IGNITE 3C 11.9 shaft.
An unmatched experience for the player who’s in command.
Tip : Zan Plus2 Hard
Tip diameter : 11.9mm
Tip end : IG Powerplate
Plate : IG Tip Plate
Taper : Ignite Pro Conical
Shaft length : 690mm
Joint Type : Wavy2, Original Wavy, United

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