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Foosball table for outdoor made in Italy.

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Soccer table RAINBOW: Fielding who is accustomed to playing hard.
Compared to football in plastic, the mod. RAINBOW stands for a character that has all the professionalism without ever stooping to compromises: the structure of wood used for boats, bolts and rods of stainless steel, galvanized legs and corners and resin, field and screen-printed tempered glass furnace. Hyper-structure that lets you play outside but always at the highest level.
With the Rainbow outdoor soccer, the force has never been so beautiful!
Just look at him to notice the difference: the design Hi-Tech is already in the future, an expression of power similar to a spaceship. Nothing and nobody can scratch because the soccer RAINBOW endure beyond all time.
This model of table football has been coated on both sides with plastic laminate with special adhesives guaranteed for outdoor use.


  • Mobile plywood specially treated for outdoor use (material used for vessels).
  • Nuts, bolts and screws in stainless steel.
  • Legs and angular treated with inorganic zinc coated with polyester for outdoor use.
  • Steel rods with double chrome or stainless steel option.
  •  The price of the mod. RAINBOW included a set of 10 white balls.
  • Model: Rainbow
  • Series: Outdoor
  • Available colors: green water
  • Sleeve type: normal
  • Game Plan: Glass
  • Handle height: 870 mm
  • Playgrounds Dimensions: 1145x 700 mm
  • Equipment: 10 balls
  • Net Weight: 80 Kg
  • Gross Weight: 84 Kg
  • Package dimensions: 1510x780x390 mm

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