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Cue straghtness kit is a tool used to check curvature of the cue.


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Roller Cue Verification Kit
The roller cue verification kit is a tool used to check for any curvature in a pool cue. This kit consists of precision rollers on which the cue is slid.

Product Description

Roller Cue Verification Kit Consisting of 2 pieces in steel with integrated rubber rollers for cue support.
Ensures perfect alignment of butts and tips, lightweight and compact, making it easy to transport and use.
If the cue is perfectly straight, it should slide smoothly on the rollers without deviating from its trajectory.
However, if there are deformities or curves in the cue, these will become evident as it glides on the rollers.


  • 10 x 5 x 10 cm
  • 200 grams

This tool is highly useful for professional players and billiards enthusiasts who want to ensure that their cue is in the best possible condition for optimal gameplay. It helps identify any issues in the cue that may affect performance during the game, allowing users to make necessary corrections or decide whether it’s time to replace the cue.

The roller cue verification kit is an essential tool for serious players. Its precision is crucial in ensuring that the cue is perfectly aligned, essential for achieving optimal performance in billiards. In addition to detecting curvatures, this tool also allows for assessing any construction defects that may compromise accuracy and precision in shots. Professional players and dedicated enthusiasts appreciate the importance of keeping the cue in optimal condition, and the roller kit provides them with a reliable solution to check and correct any issues, ensuring a better gaming experience.

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