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Jbr cue ferrule. Longoni replace part.


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is made with a termoplastic material ultramoderm just only for billiard cue.Extremely resistant at hurt, with a smoth surface for a better impermeability at chalk.

Tested and used by professional player.

It’s used on this cue:

All the ferrules used on our shafts, from the simple “Maple” to the most advanced “S20”, are built with a special polymer that we call JBR, in our opinion the best alternative to ivory ever found. The most important features of a good ferrule are strength, durability, easy cleaning and perfect bonding with wood and leather tips. The JBR ferrules have all of this and much more: their shape is developed especially for each kind of shaft in order to give the maximum result in your  more extreme shots. Hours of game and tests of all over the world’s players guarantee your purchase.
Players of the Longoni team have an important role in the development of our shafts because it’s thanks to the skills of the best talents all over the world that we can create excellent shafts. All our models have been tested and approved by our champions in order to ensure the maximum results and satisfaction to our customers. Each profile and length has been developed to meet specific needs thanks to world champions such as Frèdéric Caudron, Semih Sayginer, Dick Jaspers, Marco Zanetti, Niels Feijen, Eddy Merckx, and all the other ones. The results speak for themselves: with our shafts the most important worldclass titles have been taken.

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