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Break & jump by Mezz.


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MEZZ DUALFORCE Break & Jump cue

The next generation of Mezz break & jump cues

The dual force break and jump cue features the DF shaft with sonic ferrule and trance tip,the mesh leather grip and the new mezz D2 joint system creating a breakthrough in reacing the jump and break ability to the higest level. The sonic ferrule and trance tip improves impact efficency and produces a larger impact area while the mesh leather wrap provides extra grip traction and absorb shock for more cue ball controll. the dual force D2 joint pin enables convenient access to the different handle combination for precision short and long distance jump shots.

D2 Quick relase joint:

The new Mezz “D2” quick release joint system allows the ease of interchanging the shaft from the forearm joint ( the standard jump option) to the butt joint for longer jump shots.

Sonic ferrule & Trance tip:

This combination of ferrule and tip createsw tremendous jump and break shots without sacrificing accurate cue ball control.


  • D2 Joint Quick release 5 / 16×14
  • Leather wrap
  • Birdseye maple butt
  • Cue tip:Trance tip
  • Lenght: 58″
  • Material: birdseye maple, nacre, silver rig

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